How Curiosity Fuels Transformation

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The logical way to get answers is to ask questions. So why are we so afraid of them? As Chief Communications and
Marketing Officer at the American Dental Association, Stephanie Moritz knows that simply asking questions—the hard
ones, the controversial ones, and even the “stupid” ones—has the power to upend the status quo, yield unprecedented
business results, and transform a company’s culture.

In Moritz’s session, you’ll gain actionable insights on:

  • How the schoolhouse mindset of conformity and compliance stifles innovation—and why it doesn’t have to
  • Creating a fearless, judgment-free environment where good ideas can thrive
  • The value of failing faster
  • How to turn a kneejerk “No” culture into a “Yes, and…” atmosphere
  • Using a benefits-centered perspective to hush the self-critical thoughts that keep you from speaking up

Imagination and creative solutions are often just a question away. You’ll leave this session inspired by what a “How,” “Why,” or “What if” can do.

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