Stephanie Moritz

Chief Communications Officer
American Dental Association (ADA)

Stephanie Moritz is chief communications officer of the American Dental Association (ADA) and is responsible for leading the transformation of ADA communications, integrated and membership marketing, research and intelligence, digital experience, creative services and public affairs. Under her leadership, the ADA has increased the number of net new members and grown the ADA brand through the implementation of design thinking, cutting-edge marketing segmentations, insights and data-driven campaigns, new digital member experiences, content strategy and engaging storytelling. Ms. Moritz has overseen the development of a new ADA vision and masterbrand strategy, the multi-million dollar Find-A-Dentist program and the multi-million dollar “From Dental Chair to Daily Care” program with CVS.

Prior to her role at the ADA, Ms. Moritz was a senior director at ConAgra Foods, where she was responsible for leading public relations, social media, content marketing and community management for the company’s consumer foods brands, which include Slim Jim, Chef Boyardee and Healthy Choice. She led communications and product publicity efforts for The Hershey Company and Jim Beam Brands before joining ConAgra. Ms. Moritz has also held marketing and communications positions at EBS/Porter Novelli Convergence Group, the Illinois House of Representatives and Walt Disney Attractions, Inc.

American Dental Association (ADA)   


Growing Membership: Moving From Transaction to Attraction

Throughout her storied marketing and PR career, Stephanie Moritz has ushered big name brands—including ConAgra Foods, The Hershey Company, and Jim Beam—to household name status. In 2015, she joined the American Dental Association as its Chief Communications and Marketing Officer—without a background in associations or dentistry. But her industry perspective has radically reconstructed the ADA’s marketing efforts, adding value for its members and reshaping its public perception to a friendly, trusted source of healthcare information—a far cry from its appearance as the sterile, authoritarian voice of the dental establishment. In this informative session, Moritz will tell the story of how a customer-centric approach took the 160-year-old ADA from analog to digital and eliminated the siloed thinking that often encumbers businesses both big and small.

In this session, Moritz will offer valuable takeaways on:

  • How design thinking can help you understand your customer’s unmet needs and motivations
  • Why research is not the first step of the process, but one facet of a continuous feedback and improvement loop
  • Identifying the highest and best use of your team for notable impact

This can’t-miss presentation will equip you with tools to move away from old-fashioned precepts and into twenty-first century transformation.

Transformation & Leadership

How Curiosity Fuels Transformation

The logical way to get answers is to ask questions. So why are we so afraid of them? As Chief Communications and
Marketing Officer at the American Dental Association, Stephanie Moritz knows that simply asking questions—the hard
ones, the controversial ones, and even the “stupid” ones—has the power to upend the status quo, yield unprecedented
business results, and transform a company’s culture.

In Moritz’s session, you’ll gain actionable insights on:

  • How the schoolhouse mindset of conformity and compliance stifles innovation—and why it doesn’t have to
  • Creating a fearless, judgment-free environment where good ideas can thrive
  • The value of failing faster
  • How to turn a kneejerk “No” culture into a “Yes, and…” atmosphere
  • Using a benefits-centered perspective to hush the self-critical thoughts that keep you from speaking up

Imagination and creative solutions are often just a question away. You’ll leave this session inspired by what a “How,” “Why,” or “What if” can do.

Transformation & Leadership

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