Workshop: How to Build a CX Practice that Punches Above Your Weight



As organizations increasingly restructure how they operate around customer experience, building an effective practice has become the next big priority. This deep-dive workshop explores the key ways that leading organizations are reorganizing their value streams and operations to put the experience of the end-customer at the very forefront of what they do. We will explore different models for CX teams and divisions, culled from years of actual projects, initiatives, and industry experience, with a focus on hard-hitting examples and recent case studies.

With an emphasis on specific, actionable advice, this workshop will prepare both senior as well as new staff with the very latest advances and proven best practices.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the key ways to build, organize and operate a CX practice
  • Understand the full range of modern CX capabilities for organizations today
  • Explore the techniques and approaches that will make a CX practice best-in-class

Transformation & Leadership


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