Workshop: Why Personalization is NOT Working?



Confounded by all the noise in personalization technologies?

There is an ongoing challenge to build human-centric, intelligent systems and platforms, especially in the area of Ecommerce, a multi-trillion dollar global industry. Current systems operate on principles of binary and linear logic. Humans, however, often base their purchase and product decisions on the invisible system of individual human preference.

As CX Professionals, the monstrous challenge is not selecting the right technology solution as much as it is solving for the human side in personalization: explicit vs. implicit human behavior, and the dichotomy of computer science and human centric abstraction.

In this workshop, I will explain how AI can be leveraged to design and build interactive, intelligent knowledge platforms, able to elicit individual human preference intelligence. Resulting in highly persuasive, personalized intelligence for use in numerous business applications, including recommender systems, marketing, product design and execution.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is human preference, and why various computer/data based sciences fail to elicit & solve for individual, human sensory-preference intelligence
  • What makes an intelligent consumer experience data platform
  • How to walk your talk with computer and data scientists

AI, Machine Learning & Automation


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