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Vernon is a business leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader in the demand-side enterprise including CRM, CDP, Mar-tech, and FinTech solutions. He has 25 years’ experience delivering best practices Customer Strategy, Omni-channel Marketing Programs, and Technology Solutions to a broad set of industries including Financial Services, High-Tech, Consumer Package Goods, Marketing Services, and Web3.0 Businesses.

Currently, Vernon is a Principal at CDPI Advisors, a firm he founded with David Raab, who leads the CDP Institute. CDPI Advisors helps marketers understand requirements and adopt best practices Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions. Prior to CDPI Advisors, Vernon was Founder and CEO at LeaseQ a leading Fintech marketplace and equipment finance platform company. He has led several consulting companies including Customer Development Solutions, Peppers & Rogers Group, and was Founder and CEO at DiaLogos, a Boston based firm with over 100 consultants specializing in enterprise-wide CRM, E-commerce, and Analytics Solutions. With a focus on achieving quantified business results, Vernon’s client list includes: GE Capital, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Allstate, 21st Century Insurance, Apple, IBM, Acxiom, HarteHanks, US Postal Serve, US Mint, Verizon, BMW, Roche, OfficeMax, Cabela’s, 3M, Pepsi, Nabisco, Nestle, and numerous well-funded eCommerce and MarTech companies.

Vernon speaks internationally on topics related to CDPs, Customer Strategy, the Enterprise Marketing Stack, and achieving Omni-Channel Marketing Results. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Tyler and attended graduate school at the Rheinische Wilhelm’s Universität, Bonn Germany where he met his wife who currently lives with him together in Winchester, Massachusetts.

CDPI Advisors   


CDP Bootcamp: CDPs in Your MarTech Stack: Practical Integration Strategies that Deliver Significant Results

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are at the peak of the hype cycle. And for the CDP projects that succeed, the results are nothing less than fantastic — accelerated growth, significant ROI and happier customers.

This narrative is powerful. However, CDP vendors are actively redefining the MarTech stack with their needs, perhaps not yours, in mind.

In this session we will present a definition of the modern MarTech stack, review some of the peak CDP hype vs. facts, review several real-world integration strategy case studies  and then embark on small group, actionable exercises that focus on preparing you for your future CDP project.

CDP Bootcamp

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