Timothy de Paris


Timothy de Paris is the CTO at Decibel and will be speaking November 4-6 at Digital Experience Summit 2019 in Chicago.



Growing Pains: Increasing Digital Maturity for Business Success

It’s quickly becoming clear that the importance of delivering a flawless online experience for your customers cannot be understated. Many growing organizations have adopted CX as a strategic imperative – no surprise when we consider that within the travel industry alone, 88% of customers will go elsewhere if their digital experience isn’t up to scratch.

As businesses continue to evolve in their digital maturity, what continues to be a challenge is identifying a way to measure, monitor, manage and ultimately improve digital experiences across every touchpoint. Harder still, is definitively linking CX to performance metrics such as conversion and revenue.

In this session, Decibel’s CTO, Timothy de Paris, will discuss:

  • The different types of experience metrics available to businesses
  • How those metrics align to a business’ digital maturity
  • How incorporating these metrics into your digital CX strategy will drive measurable results
  • Making CX a corporate initiative and communicating the benefits across the business

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