Eeshita Grover

Sr. Manager, Technical Communications

Eeshita Grover is an experienced content strategist with 20+ years in content management and delivery. She has led digital content marketing strategies for the SDN product line at Cisco.

Eeshita’s experience spans across creating and implementing processes for content generation for delivery to brand managers, demand generation teams, and sales teams. She has managed, executed and impacted content presentation, maintenance, and delivery of content to

Eeshita’s experience, from the last 13+ years at Cisco, includes effective and innovative management of large projects and multiple content teams, including marcom, technical marketing content and tech communications. She has been engaged in studying customer journeys, driving implementation of enterprise content management systems for publishing product introduction/launch and user content to and building a digital experience via in-product help.

An enthusiastic teacher, Eeshita has taught teaching Technical Writing and Communications courses at San Jose State University for 5+ years.

She has deep expertise and skill in structured authoring, content management, information design, multimedia content, navigation design and document layout. Eeshita’s most recent specialties and interests are deep rooted in digital marketing and content strategies.



Building a UEx Strategy for In-Product Self-Help

Digitization has impacted every aspect of products and services. This elevates the importance of enabling a seamless user experience, through in-product user assistance tools to defining the mobile presence and everything else in between. This session walks you through building a UEx strategy for in-product navigation, self-help modules and the impact on rate of adoption and overall customer success.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

11:00 to 12:00

Analytics, Personalization & Optimization

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