Brice Dunwoodie

Founder & CEO
Simpler Media / CMSWire

Brice Dunwoodie is the founder of Simpler Media Group, the parent company of CMSWire and the creator of the DX Summit conference. Having started his career in large organizations like Oracle and Macromedia (now Adobe), Brice moved in an entrepreneurial direction following the first dot com bubble burst, co-founding Cylogy, Inc., a boutique interactive services agency, and founding Simpler Media Group, a media and events company that develops vertical, B2B communities.



DX Summit Welcome Address

Welcome to DX Summit 2020! Brice Dunwoodie, president and CEO of Simpler Media Group, kicks us off.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

8:30 - 8:45 AM

DX Summit Farewell

Join the DX Summit team in final words and get more information and details on DX Summit 2020.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

3:45 - 4:00 PM

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