Rose Hamilton

Founder & CEO
Compass Rose Ventures

As a former CMO, CDO and GM, Rose served on executive teams for the past 20 years, trailblazing the growth and innovation path within startups and well-established Omni-channel retailers.

Today, Rose is the Founder of Compass Rose Consulting, advising high-performing CEOs, Founders and marketing leaders on designing customer-centric growth strategies guided by insightful analytics with measurable results in retail, consumer packaged goods, tech and financial services. Her expertise sits at the intersection of marketing, sales, product and technology to deliver disruptive growth strategies. 

Rose led strategy and managed teams in several direct-to-consumer businesses throughout her career. She served as Chief Digital and Direct-to-Consumer Officer for Nutrafol, and Chief Digital and eCommerce Officer at The Vitamin Shoppe, where she was responsible for leading the digital customer experience, loyalty, Omni-channel customer acquisition/retention, and operating the direct-to-consumer business and call center. Additionally, Rose was responsible for designing the Omni-channel roadmap to leverage technology, educational content, and customer data to reinvent the customer journey across all touchpoints and channels. 

Rose joined The Vitamin Shoppe from Pet360, Inc., a subsidiary of PetSmart, where she served as Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager. During her time as CMO, she reinvented an eCommerce brand into a fully integrated digital commerce, community, and media lifestyle experience.  The business grew rapidly, tripling in size before its acquisition by PetSmart. 

Prior to her time at Pet360, Inc., Rose served as Vice President of eCommerce for Ann Taylor and LOFT. Earlier in her career she led marketing, merchandising and loyalty programs for several leading retailers and financial services organizations, including Chico’s FAS, Best Buy, Wilsons Leather and US Bank. Rose holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, Graduate School of Business.

Rose serves an industry consultant, speaker, investor, and advisor for eCommerce, marketing and retail.



Case Studies on Customer Data Platform (CDP) Procurement, Implementation and Activation

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have emerged as a proposed solution to a long-existing challenge: wrangling customer data into a persistent, universal profile and making the data available for analysis and action.

Unfortunately, the interest in the market has led to confusion as vendors from different backgrounds, with different capabilities try to wrap themselves in the moniker, while simultaneously trying to define it on their terms. Thus, there is a strong need to clarify what a CDP is and isn’t, how a CDP can deliver value, and whether marketers should or shouldn’t work with a CDP. Michael Harrison (Managing Partner) from Winterberry Group and Rose Hamilton (Founder & CEO) from Compass Rose Ventures will discuss their experiences identifying, selecting and activating CDPs.

In this session, you will learn:
  • CDPs have a lot of value to offer, but what exactly are they? We will define a true CDP’s capabilities.
  • Confusion about CDPs is abound. This session will highlight the primary sources and clear-up the confusion.
  • How are CDPs used? Attendees will learn the ins-and-outs of what CDPs enable.
  • Is a CDP right for your business? This session will provide three iterative steps to know the answer to this question.

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