Rock the Always-On Customer Journey: Customer Data Platform (CDP) Use Cases, Core Capabilities and Data Strategy

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As customer journeys continue to push the boundaries of complexity, marketers are tasked with understanding and leveraging a vast continuum of user behavior. It’s more important and challenging than ever to discover actionable meaning behind customer engagement and leverage it to drive measurable results. For the always-on customer, touchpoints where brands should be present with impactful content and messaging but aren’t can adversely impact engagement, loyalty, and revenue. These experience gaps undermine customer journeys and threaten omnichannel success. Many companies leverage data-driven approaches to nurturing and targeting. But are they really optimizing customer journeys? Are they really future-proofing marketing? Are they getting omnichannel right? This session explores use cases for CDPs that address the complexities of the always-on customer journey. By relating use cases to CDP core capabilities and data strategy, this session will help marketers understand how to transform omnichannel complexity and uncertainty into competitive advantages and measurable results.

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