Micki Collart

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Treasure Data

Micki is seasoned enterprise SaaS marketer with more than 15 years of experience in go-to-market planning, analysis, product introduction (NPI) and product marketing. As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Treasure Data she focuses on helping the marketing community learn about customer data platforms, their evolving capabilities and the unique approach to customer experience that Arm Treasure Data empowers.

ARM Treasure Data   


Reimagining the Customer Experience at the Point of Care

It takes big efforts to cultivate a deep understanding of customers. Putting it to work toward better experiences and greater outcomes for them, is a bigger challenge. But, how do you create a broader scope for listening to customers and how do you express their voices in actions that drive better results? As a company supporting the healthcare industry, Outcome Health has the unique opportunity to create a valuable experience for interactions patients and healthcare professionals during their Moments of Care® with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes.

You’ll hear from Greg Reilly, EVP and Head of Customer Experience at Outcome Health on their vision for customer experience and the dynamic nature of their customer base. Whether you’re considering new ways to engage customers or develop full voice-of-customer programs, you’ll take away valuable insights into the key considerations for any VOC efforts, both big and small.

Case Study: How a Top Gaming Company is Winning with Unified Data

Nearly 67% of the US population plays video games. And, the gaming industry is continuing to grow at a speedy 10% clip with expected profits soaring to $180B by 2021. Demand for one of world’s favorite pastimes isn’t slowing, neither are gaming companies’ desire to profitably grow market share while competing with more than 2,800 gaming entities across the US.

We’ll take a deep dive into how one gaming company takes advantage of the collective strengths of their four major studios by capturing player data holistically. The customer data initiative wasn’t without its challenges and you’ll learn how they navigated the challenges of people, process and technology to reimagine their go-to-market strategy.

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