State of Digital Customer Experience Report

2020 State of Digital Customer Experience Report

Access the insights of 325+ customer experience leaders in the latest State of Digital Customer Experience Report.​

DCX 2020 Report

In a world where digital behemoths such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook have set the experiential bar for digital customer experience, it’s become evident that challenges abound for other organizations to keep up.

However, there are in fact teams that have found success in this arena–so what’s their secret?

Within the report, you will see how leading DCX organizations are better aligned and more skilled at understanding their customers.

Discover actionable takeaways including:

  • How to refine your transformation, innovation and experiential strategies for 2020 and beyond
  • The leading digital customer experience challenges and steps you can take to get on track
  • Discover where investment in DX is rising rapidly and what you need to do to keep up


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