The Most Powerful Tools to Drive an Unforgettable Customer Experience

With thousands of websites and companies popping up on a daily basis, why do some companies become successful while others flounder and fail? It’s not necessarily their price, availability, or even product, but their overall customer experience. A great product with excellent pricing is nothing without an excellent customer experience, and there are a lot of powerful customer experience tools to help you you create it.

Customer Experience Tools for Social Media

Social media can be invaluable for a business by using it to not only engage with your customer, but to monitor what is being said about your brand as well. It can take hours to search for your company, brand, or product across social media, but there are several customer experience tools to help you listen in on what’s being said across multiple platforms.


Hootsuite is a free social media service that allows you to monitor and post to multiple social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Foursquare.

Hootsuite can allow you to:

  • Generate weekly reports,
  • Assign tasks or send messages to a team, if more than one person handles the social media accounts,
  • Manage all social media networks in one place,
  • Schedule messages to be published at specific times,
  • Discover quickly what your customers are saying about your brand, and
  • Interact with your customers publicly or privately


Socialmention is another free service that provides real-time social media search and analysis. Simply type in your brand name, and hit search, and within moments you’ll have info on brand reach, sentiment, hashtags, sources, keywords, and more. The data can be easily exported for spreadsheets and reports.


Customer Experience Tools for Web Analytics

To see what customers are doing on your website, you’ll want to use web analytics. Web analytics can tell you how your customers use your website, where they click, where they hover and don’t click, and how long they spend on your site. By looking at this type of data, you can improve your website’s performance, reach, and conversion rate.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is probably the most popular, efficient, and easy to understand analytics site available. It provides a snapshot of your users, where they come from, how long they stay, and where they land on your site. GA is a ‘freemium’ option, meaning the basics are free, but there are charges for more in-depth analysis. The free services are incredibly detailed though and offer as much information as some paid analytical services.


ClickMeter is a web analytics service that helps companies optimize their click and conversion rates. Users can see how many people visit a page, what links they click, where they come from (country, state, city), and if their marketing campaigns are working.


Customer Experience Tools for Feedback

While this may seem like a no-brainer, many companies fail to realize how important customer feedback is to the customer experience. Customers know what works and what they want, and they’re often willing to share. While surveys like InMoment, and OpinionLab can be useful, some customers may be unwilling to take them, so make sure there’s an alternate way to gather feedback as well.

Customer Experience Tools for Visual Consistency

Visual consistency is essential when it comes to your CX. Customers feel more comfortable seeing the same brand on desktop, mobile, and in marketing campaigns. Can you imagine if the Nike mobile site didn’t have the Nike ‘swoosh’ at the top or if the McDonald’s app didn’t use the Golden Arches? Using the same logo, colors, and layout will help give the customer a smooth experience across all platforms.

Keeping track of all the places your brand is mentioned can help you to ensure and monitor brand consistency, whether someone is blogging about you, mentioning you on social media, or writing an article about you. Some customer experience tools can help you keep an eye on your brand.


Mention is a service that helps to look for places your brand, company, or product is mentioned online. This service provides reports and real-time monitoring.

Google Alerts

When you need a free product to help you stay on top of your mentions, Google Alerts is still a benchmark product from Google that allows you to be alerted to any text mentions of your keywords.


Customer Experience Tools for Live Chat

Live chat can gather leads, provide customer support, and convert a sale within moments. While live chat suites are commonly used to provide customer support, many available suites offer additional features like ticketing, file sharing, and language translation, depending on how your company is using chat. There are several platforms available for small to large businesses.


LiveHelpNow is a good chat software for small businesses that can be easily customized. It includes software optimization for desktop and mobile sites, language translation, chat archiving, and even a live video chat.


LiveChat offers website live chat options that include mobile live chat, ticketing, chat archiving, file sharing, surveys, and more, to help you improve your CX.


Tools Make the Customer Experience Unforgettable

A stronger customer experience means happier customers, more sales, better referrals, and higher profit, but to create a truly epic experience for your customers you’ll need the right tools in your toolbox. Whether you’re enhancing your customer experience with social media, web analytics, visual consistency, customer feedback, or live chat, having the right tool for the job will make your customer experience better and easier to improve.

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