DESIGN: A 2020+ Customer Experience

Design a human-centered digital experience practice, with a holistic focus on your users and their journeys.

  • Re/Building your customer personas
  • Mapping the customer journey through a changing landscape
  • Key applications of design thinking
  • User experience for omnichannel environments
  • Driving innovation through VoC technologies and customer success metrics


CX and UX professionals, with titles that include Head of User Experience, Customer Experience Strategist, VoC Lead, Senior Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Designer, Customer Success Manager, Product Owner

BUILD: Tech Platforms + Fitness

Build an omnichannel tech stack that powers the organization to activate new services and growth, and strengthens digital capabilities.

  • Understanding CDPs, WCMs and DXPs
  • Building the optimal MarTech stack
  • Vendor decisioning: effective selection and management solutions
  • Transforming to microservices
  • Taking the plunge: AI, ML and NLP deploymentL


IT management and solution architects, with titles that include Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Technology Platforms, VP of Marketing, Business Systems Architect, Senior Engineering Manager, Enterprise Architect, Director of MarTech

INTEGRATE: Connecting People, Processes + Platforms with Excellence

Lead championship-quality teams, structure processes more effectively and drive strategic execution with a CX mindset that conquers legacy systems.

  • Structuring a CX dream team
  • Enterprise adoption: planning and performance measurement
  • Conquering silos to create a customer-centric culture
  • Application of agile methodologies in digital experience operations
  • Engaging a distributed workforce through lean times and rapid change


Strategy, IT, operations, marketing, HR, CX/UX, design and communications leaders with titles that include SVP of CX Operations, Head of Strategy, Head of Digital, CTO of Marketing, CMO, Chief Digital Officer, Head of Market Enablement, SVP of Operations, Marketing/Sales/CRM Operation Leads

OPTIMIZE: Activating Data + Analytics

Rev up your DX engine and activate data to deliver new performance results through analytics optimization and DX tuning.

  • Personalization, prediction modeling and attribution for ROI impact
  • KPI measurement and management
  • Digital behavioral analysis to reduce customer friction
  • Balance and alignment of VoC programs cross-enterprise


Strategy, IT, operations, marketing, HR, CX/UX, design and communications leaders with titles that include Senior Director, Design Analytics, Market Science + CX Analyst, VP of Consumer Insights, Senior UX Strategist

INNOVATE: Growth through Evolution

Identify the next opportunities to evolve as an organization, learn to grow and apply organizational ingenuity that builds revenue streams, revamp as your enterprise DX matures. 

  • Strategize for next steps in AI, ML and NLP
  • Engage CX champions and sponsors to drive systemic improvements
  • Take a step back for a macro look at the future state of digital experience
  • Grow the creative strategic functions of your business for continuous evolvement
  • Participate in guided action planning and create a roadmap for what’s ahead


Enterprise leaders and business strategists with titles that include Chief Experience Officer, Director of Strategic Projects, Head of Transformation

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