CDP Bootcamp: CDP Test Drives – Orchestration and Activation Demonstrations

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Most all market-leading CDPs offer campaign orchestration and marketing activation features, on top of the core CDP concept, in varying degrees of focus and complexity.
In this interactive workshop, we will look under the hood at (three) CDP platforms. We’ll take a single use case to demonstrate how it might be configured within each system, then discuss the intended business outcomes. Features on display will include audience segmentation design and application, ad-tech connectors, rule-based campaign triggers, and campaign performance measurement.

In this session, you will:

  • Put theory into practice–gain hands-on, practical knowledge of campaign set up
  • See first hand, how different CDPs tackle campaign business requirements and what you can expect
  • Increase your understanding of the type of use cases CDPs address and support
  • Learn more about the components that go into successful execution of a use case within a CDP

CDP Bootcamp


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