Amanda Whyte

Voice of the Customer, Customer Success

Amanda Whyte started her career in Chicago at a marketing agency before moving to Ireland as a Marketing Manager for a mobile payments start-up. In 2012, she joined the HubSpot team as one of the founding members of the Dublin office. She has been with the company for 7 years in a variety of consulting and management roles on the services team. She recently took on the job of Global Voice of the Customer, where she is charged with operationalizing the customer feedback loop and taking action on HubSpot’s toughest areas of customer friction.



How HubSpot Created Our First-Ever ‘Voice of the Customer’ Program

Through a new ‘Voice of the Customer’ program, HubSpot is aggressively identifying and cross-functionally taking action on our most challenging customer feedback. As “Customer-First” continues to be integrated into every part of our business, products, and service offering, how HubSpot operates is changing. Come learn from HubSpot’s journey on how to future-proof your company and build a #CustomerFirst “VoC” program.
In this session, you will:
  • Discover the specifics of why and how your company should invest in a #CustomerFirst “Voice of the Customer” program
  • Gain insight into key lessons learned from HubSpot’s journey
  • Learn how HubSpot is using AI/Machine Learning to support our VoC Program
  • Get inspired about how your company can embed your customer voice into all aspects of the business

VoC & Customer-Driven Design

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