Nov 13 - 15, 2017
Chicago, IL
Nov 13 - 15, 2017
Chicago, IL
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DX Summit in Chicago

DX Summit Loves Chicago

Innovation in the Windy City

What’s not to love about Chicago? From the food to the music to the architecture to the people, this is a city built on hard work and beauty. Here are just a few of the reasons why we keep coming back to Chicago for our annual conference.

DX Summit is located in the heart of Chicago’s bustling downtown, at the top of Millennium Park and below Navy Pier. There’s no end to the amount of sights within walking distance of the conference, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Theater, shopping along the Magnificent Mile, the House of Blues and the lakefront.


We’re proud to feature local food and treats at DX Summit like our cheesy-caramel popcorn break (it’s great, promise!) and World’s Fair-inspired cupcakes. But the amount of amazing restaurants and bars around the conference might leave you stymied for choice when dinner time rolls around. Luckily, we have suggestions!


No one can deny that Chicago has beautiful architecture. In fact, the venue for DX Summit, the Radisson Blu Aqua, has won numerous architecture awards. Whether you’re just walking around and looking up or taking the famous architectural boat tours that stop right down the street from the conference, it’s an environment made to inspire.


Chicagoans are really what make Chicago one of the greatest cities in the US: hard-working, willing to take chances, creative and fun. There’s a reason why the MidWest features leaders in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail and finance. We’re excited to bring both the local community and out-of-towners together at DX Summit in Chicago.

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