Nov 14-16, 2016
Chicago, IL
Nov 14 -16, 2016
Chicago, IL
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Dieter Reichert

CEO & Co-Founder

censhare AG


Dieter Reichert is CEO and co-founder of censhare AG. Together with the management team he is a driving force in the development of the censhare Digital Experience Platform used all over the world to master complex information processes and shape value by creating customer interactions. Reichert is a multi-talented visionary and a trailblazer who believes in a holistic lifestyle and collaboration characterized by sharing and communication as fundamental. In previous roles, as a trained typesetter with extensive experience from stays abroad, he set up several successful media-specific IT companies. As an entrepreneur and visionary, he recognizes the importance of innovation and the need to develop integrated ways of working. In 1992, he founded Vision GmbH, a company which quickly became the leading system integrator for newspaper and magazine publishers in German-speaking countries and was sold to Quark Inc. Since 2001, Reichert is responsible for the strategic development and global marketing of censhare. In addition, Dieter Reichert, father of two, has a great interest in social welfare and has set up some major cultural projects in Europe. He has funded both social establishments and foundations like MUDRA Drug Help Center and the Dancer of the Deer Foundation and the company culturelife GmbH, which, among others, organized events in Germany on behalf of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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