Nov 14-16, 2016
Chicago, IL
Nov 14 -16, 2016
Chicago, IL
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Deb Lavoy


Narrative Builders


Deb Lavoy is the founder and CEO of Narrative Builders. She has spent 18 years wading through the intractable, messy world of engineering-driven technology to make it clear, accessible and important to the people for whom that tech was built. She has lead product and marketing strategy for startups, as well as AOL, Adobe, OpenText and Jostle, ensuring that their digital, subscription, content and community are far-reaching and engaging. Deb is quick to see what’s common to both internal, task oriented systems and externally focused customer/ service oriented systems, so she’s able to bridge the disciplinary divide between Enterprise2.0 and Social CRM. Deb also writes about the cultural, value-centered foundations of social technology. She was one of the earliest voices in the social business community to call attention to central concepts like shared purpose, meaning, and organizational change. Because she combines the roles of philosopher and pragmatist, Deb’s vision and advice are credible, actionable, and inspiring.
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