Tony Byrne

Founder & CEO
Real Story Group

In 2001, Tony Byrne founded Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch), set out to create a new kind of research and advisory firm, one that works only for enterprise technology customers who want the real story about digital marketing and customer experience technologies. Real Story Group’s research has become known for its technical depth, toughness and absolute neutrality.

RSG now helps large enterprises make critical decisions about their omnichannel stacks.

Real Story Group   


CDP Bootcamp: The CDP Software Market – Landscape Overview, Vendor Differentiation & Procurement Strategies

The CDP marketplace circa 2019 has been characterized by major waves of investment, new entrants, persistent hype, and as a consequence….extreme fragmentation. How’s an enterprise buyer to choose? Join Real Story Group’s Tony Byrne for a tour of the marketplace: trends, categories, and likely future trajectories for 2020. Ideal for those looking into selecting a CDP, the session will also include a business-focused methodology for finding the right CDP fit for your enterprise.

CDP Bootcamp

Take Your DX Stack to a CX Stack

Many large enterprises have spent the last five years modernizing their DX environments, solving difficult technical problems, moving with vendors to the cloud and building in-house expertise to master complex technology platforms. In this session, learn how enterprises are moving key services lower in their stacks, to isolate architectural concerns and share capabilities for omnichannel engagement strategies. Get insights on where and how to shift priorities, suppliers and spend going forward. Come away with a reference model you can share with internal teams to drive future strategies.

Digital Operations & Platforms

Workshop: The Right Way to Buy CX Technology

Do you need to evaluate suitable technology suppliers? Are you looking to modernize, rationalize or optimize your DX/CX stack? In this workshop, get the inside scoop on how to match your unique needs with the right technology marketplaces and vendors, ranging from WCM to Marketing Automation, from CDPs to Journey Orchestration Engines and more. Discover how to replace outdated, waterfall methods with a modern approach to technology selection and take away a firm understanding of the major pros and cons of the key CX cloud/suite players.

Digital Operations & Platforms

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