Shawn Weems

Shawn Weems

Vice President and Head of Global Digital Content, Merchandising, Localization and Assets
Hyatt Hotels Corp.
Shawn Weems is currently the VP and Head of Digital Content and Merchandising for Hyatt Hotels Corp. He is responsible for leading the company’s digital content and merchandising strategy across the globe. His work with Hyatt is helping that multibillion dollar brand set the foundation for its digital future. Shawn Weems is a serial “intrapreneur” who has led or started new businesses across several industries with some of the largest brands in the world. Over the past 20 years, Shawn has helped lead digital transformation across global brands such as McDonald’s Corporation, TGI Fridays and Hyatt. From the beginning days at Groupon or starting the video games business at Redbox, Shawn has helped brands drive hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue leveraging best in class digital strategies. Shawn has developed, created and/or evolved these strategies over the course of his career.

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