Seth Earley

Seth Earley

Earley Information Science
Seth Earley is an expert with 20+ years experience in Knowledge Strategy, Data and Information Architecture, Search-based Applications and Information Findability solutions. Seth has worked with a diverse roster of Fortune 1000 companies helping them to achieve higher levels of operating performance by making information more findable, usable and valuable through integrated enterprise architectures supporting analytics, e-commerce and customer experience applications.

Seth Earley is a sought-after speaker, writer, and influencer. He is the author of "The AI-Powered Enterprise" from LifeTree Media which was released in April, 2020. In 2021, the book received the Axiom Business Book Silver Medal in the Artificial Intelligence / Robotics / Algorithms category.

His writing has appeared in IT Professional Magazine from the IEEE where, as former editor, he wrote a regular column on data analytics and information access issues and trends. He has also contributed to the Harvard Business Review, CMSWire, CEOWorld, TechTarget, eCommerce Times, Analytics Magazine. Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics, and he co-authored “Practical Knowledge Management” from IBM Press.

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[Discussion] Breaking the Language Barrier: Connecting Humans and AI across the Conversation Gap

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