Serafina Frongia

Vice President
Wells Fargo

Like many people active in the web content space today, Serafina Frongia started out wanting to be a journalist. Through a digital marketing-focused career with stints in the e-commerce, high-tech and finance industries and tenure with companies including Sitecore and Wells Fargo, Serafina began to specialize in an area that combined her love of words and passion for structure: content strategy.

Since joining the Wells Fargo Digital Solutions for Business team in 2013, Serafina has established the content strategy team as a core expertise, demonstrating the value of strategic content thinking within the UI/UX discipline. This includes creating holistic end-to-end messaging and user assistance experiences, defining and documenting voice and tone brand guidelines and developing omni-channel digital experience designs.

Wells Fargo   


5 Things Digital Experience Leaders Need to Know About UI/UX

You’re responsible for how your customers interact with your brand in digital channels, and you want your websites to give life to your end-to-end vision. In this session, you’ll learn about inclusive design principles, UI/UX design heuristics and omnichannel considerations from a digital leadership lens, amplifying your ability to both strategize and deliver thoughtful and engaging online experiences.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

11:00 to 12:00

VoC & Customer-Driven Design

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