Samantha Borowy

Sr. Experience Designer
T. Rowe Price Innovation Lab

Samantha Borowy is a Sr. Experience Designer at the Innovation Lab at T. Rowe Price, a global investment management firm dedicated to helping clients achieve long-term success. Sam is first and foremost a problem solver using research to inform and define the challenge.

Her unique background in creative direction, design, advertising and user experience enable her to work through a problem and creatively solve for it by implementing a client-centric experience that is not only smart but beautiful as well. She has worked for some of the top digital agencies in the world, working on brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Five Guys Burger & Fries and Johns Hopkins University. A part of her success relies on bridging the gap between design and dev.

In the Baltimore UX and design community, Sam gives back by mentoring up-and-coming designers, giving feedback through portfolio reviews, hosting meetups and teaching at nearby universities.

T. Rowe Price Innovation Lab   


Workshop: Solving for the VoC and VoB through Zero-Based Design

At T. Rowe Price’s Innovation Lab, the mission is to reimagine the investing experience through zero-based design (ZBD). Experience designers are the voice of the customer and also the voice of employees. It’s important to use design thinking and UX to discover a great solution that solves both sides of the problem while championing the VoC. This workshop will form VoC and VoB teams to work through the ZBD process to gather pain-points, vote, create a lot of solutions quickly, vote, converge ideas and then, yes, vote some more, on the favorite solutions. The workshop will end with each group presenting their innovative solution… but not until after a twist!

Monday, November 12, 2018

14:00 to 16:00

VoC & Customer-Driven Design

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