Radhika Dirks

Radhika Dirks

CEO & Founder
Ribo AI
With new technologies pushing the frontiers of what’s humanly possible, the rules of innovation have radically changed. So how can we stay ahead of innovation in times of ambiguity and flux? A quantum physicist-turned-entrepreneur, Radhika Dirks is the CEO and co-founder at XLabs: the only company in the world making AI moonshots a reality. She proves that we can combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence to enhance, rather than displace, our own humanity. In this thought-provoking talk, Radhika discusses how to know when the existing tools for innovation are no longer applicable, and how to swap them with new, next-generation methods. Audiences will leave with a newfound perspective on how your organization can stay fresh, smart, and relevant—and make the world a better place while you’re at it.

Wednesday, May 18

US/Eastern from 2 :00 PM to 2 :30 PM ( 30 mins )

[Networking Break] Virtual Lounge

Networking Opportunity

Thursday, May 19

US/Eastern from 1 :05 PM to 1 :35 PM ( 30 mins )

[Closing Keynote] Humans vs Bots: Future of Conversational AIs

Main Stage

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