Pramod K. Mudrakarta

Senior Ph.D. Student
University of Chicago

Pramod Kaushik Mudrakarta is a senior Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago. He has 5+ years experience doing research in Machine Learning and has published at top conferences such as NIPS, AISTATS and ACL. In collaboration with Google Brain, he has worked on analyzing Deep Learning models performing tasks on natural language (such as translation and question-answering), and discovering their failure modes and hidden biases. His work on transfer learning addresses the challenge of reducing storage, bandwidth and energy costs when performing Deep Learning on embedded devices. His other research direction involves exploiting hierarchical structure in data for efficient storage, and acceleration of Machine Learning algorithms. At Amazon, he gathered experience on using Deep Learning for personalization. He is an alumnus of Max-Planck Institute and Saarland University in Germany, and IIT Bombay in India.

University of Chicago   


Workshop: AI for Business Leaders – Core Concepts & Practical Applications

An increasing number of our personal and business interactions are impacted by artificial intelligence (AI). This recent revolution owes much to the ongoing rapid development and dissemination of a field of research called Deep Learning. Now is the right time to get a grasp of the core concepts and understand how these ideas and functionalities are changing our lives and impacting our businesses.

In this two-hour workshop, presented in partnership with the University of Chicago, you will gain an appreciation of the history and recent acceleration of AI in the industry, get a solid understanding of the core concepts and modern building blocks for AI-driven services. In small-group exercises, you will work with your peers to identify a few practical applications for AI in your workplace. Further, you will have a chance to explore some fun questions around AI such as “Is there a master algorithm?”, “Can AI build AI?” and “When will I be replaced by a robot?”

Monday, November 12, 2018

14:00 to 16:00

Artificial Intelligence & Data Layers

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