Nathalie Latourelle

Lead – Digital Experience, MPO
National Bank of Canada

As an early adopter, Nathalie Latourelle has been a vibrant actor in the digital evolution of internet business activities since 1996. With a background in French literature, copywriter and photography, she has worked in the digital sphere with government, retail / ecommerce industry, NGOs and the financial sector.

For the last 5 years, she accompanies the National Bank of Canada in its digital transformation. First in Digital Content Management, then in Architecture and Web Design and now as the Lead of Digital Experience (DX).

Nathalie strives to create the digital experience that surprises & delights the customer at every touch point. She defines herself as a pragmatist who has an eye for detecting potential problems and challenges. As a strategist, she uses her rallying leadership to set the vision, ease the experience and ensure the coherence within the ecosystem that orchestrates the end-to end digital customer experience (DCX).

Creating corporate user centric digital programs while federating the objectives of Sales and Operations, IT, Marketing and Senior Management is a continuous goal. It is in that context that last year, in collaboration with partners, she implemented a new project methodology that maximizes the contribution of different expertise in Agile mode, increased efficiency and value.

For 2019, Nathalie’s interests are customization, AI, CaaS (content as a service) within a complete omnichannel strategy and DCX measurement.

In progress with her coaching certification with international Coach Federation (ICF), she is looking forward to better integrate co-creation, leverage expertise and maximize success in delivery.

National Bank of Canada   


Building the Next Generation Digital Teams: Agile, High Performing and Hybrid?

A classic set of cultural, budgetary and priority conflicts have long existed between the marketing and IT departments. As the CMO has taken on more ownership of customer facing digital experiences, new forms of digital teams have emerged. This lively discussion will examine perspectives on how to design the modern digital experience team, including perspectives from The New York Times, National Bank of Canada, Comcast and Bank of America who are all undertaking significant digital and digital transformation initiatives.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

13:00 to 13:45

Leadership, Teams & Transformation

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