Markus Giesler

Markus Giesler

Editor, Journal of Consumer Research & Professor of Marketing
Schulich School of Business
How can we go from asking what customers want, to shaping it? Markus Giesler has the answer. With a PhD in marketing, and a current role at the prestigious Schulich School of Business, he encourages us to view markets as complex social systems—where culture is a significant success factor. Nowhere is that relationship clearer than in the digital world: with intricate, interactive social networks whose users are constantly connecting—in real time. Whether you’re trying to diversify your brand, retain your current market, or pivot into another, you need to manage many influences in order to stay relevant. In his profound and illuminating talks, Markus shows you how consumer choices are never actually natural: rather, they result from the intentional design of our systems that point us to particular ideas or innovations. And the better we can understand and navigate these systems, the better we can build effective, innovative strategies.

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