Lauris Apse

Senior Director, Digital Products

Lauris leads digital operations and development at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He started working in digital media at The Score in 1999. He has been at the CBC since 2006. His top 3 days at work ever include supporting the Tragically Hip’s last concert, helping to stream the Canada/USA 2014 semifinal to 750,000 Canadians, and watching the CBC News team report the results of the 2015 Federal Election live.



How Digital Teams Lead Enterprise Digital Transformations

The conventional thinking is that innovative work in enterprises should to be siloed to thrive, yet successful digital transformations need to be company-wide. How can digital practices in one part of the company catalyze change across the organization? This case study looks at how innovative practices in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Digital Products team have helped drive the organization’s shift to being a digital public media company. You’ll learn how introducing a different type of customer focus and emphasizing a positive cultural change created possibilities for change across the CBC. The CBC is Canada’s most popular digital media brand. An average of 16+ million Canadians per month visited CBC digital properties in 2017, more than any other Canadian media brand. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

11:00 to 12:00

Leadership, Teams & Transformation

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