Jason Korman

Co-Founder and CEO

Jason is the co-founder and CEO of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group, based in Miami Beach, Florida. A serial entrepreneur, most of his business life was spent in the wine business. At age of 24, he created La Crema Winery, from the assets of a bankrupt Sonoma County wine producer, eventually farming nearly 200 acres of vineyard in Northern California.

Later, Jason went on to create Stormhoek, a South African winery, that became an early case study on utilizing social media to create a global brand. For this work, Stormhoek won an AdAge 50, amongst a number of other marketing and winemaking awards.

Gapingvoid Culture Design was started based upon some of the work done with Stormhoek that demonstrated how it was possible to change behavior and mindset using unique human centered change techniques.

Gapingvoid was the first company to create end-to-end culture design based upon its proprietary Culture Scienceā„¢ method. The company engages a cross functional team of creatives, consultants, writers, marketers, and psychologists all focused on developing new ways to execute and scale human centered change.

Gapingvoid has served many enterprise, mid market, higher education and government clients including, AT&T, Microsoft, Genentech, Zappos, US Bank, Tulane University, and The City of Miami Beach to name a few.



The Future of Human/Digital Interaction

Whether dealing with large scale digital transformation, or integration of small changes into teams, assumptions about how people will act and respond to change are fundamentally flawed. Old models of top down training do not take into effect how human behavior plays out at scale. The answer to more successful transformation, whether it involves leadership training, team effectiveness or customer centricity is in harnessing human nature to build stronger connections and understanding. Learn the power of constructing human-centered change programs that drive people towards the mindsets and behaviors that build stronger teams and more customer centric experiences. These principles can be applied to any change project but especially to connect to customer and customer experience.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

11:00 to 12:00

Leadership, Teams & Transformation

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