Dom Nicastro

Dom Nicastro

Senior Staff Reporter
Dom Nicastro is a Boston-based managing editor at CMSWire. The former editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper and current radio talk show host in the Boston area, he served as a senior reporter for SMG/CMSWire prior to his new role effective Feb. 2022. He covers digital experience, digital marketing and customer experience management.

Wednesday, February 16

US/Eastern from 3 :00 PM to 3 :40 PM ( 40 mins )

[Closing Keynote] How the Pandemic Forever Transformed Customer Experience

Main Stage

Thursday, February 17

US/Eastern from 11 :00 AM to 11 :45 AM ( 45 mins )

[Welcome and Keynote Address] Lessons from the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Main Stage

Thursday, February 17

US/Eastern from 12 :30 PM to 1 :00 PM ( 30 mins )

[Panel] Action Plans for Results-Driven KPIs

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Thursday, February 17

US/Eastern from 2 :10 PM to 2 :35 PM ( 25 mins )

[AMA] Live "Ask Me Anything" Q&A with Neil Hoyne

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