Diane Magers


Diane Magers has more than 20 years of building and growing CX focus, evident as her position as Board Chair for the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Diane’s demonstrated leadership abilities helps organizations design and execute strategies to drive customer obsession with targeted business results. Most recently at AT&T, she built and executed programs to drive change in their culture, systematically embed CX and strategically drive CX innovation. In 2011, she founded Customer Experience Catalysts, a thought leadership and consultancy practice helping brands identify and optimize their opportunities to engage customers and associates. She developed and led Customer Engagement, Customer Strategy and Business Transformation projects at Sysco and brings experience in tactical and strategic execution in customer experience and engagement, sales and marketing and customer care with complex organizations for measurable business results.



Workshop: The Devil is in the Details – Beyond the Basic Customer Journey Map

Customer journey management is the discipline of understanding, planning, implementing and optimizing a portfolio of journey maps to generate cost efficiencies and create loyalty through improvements that are most impactful to emotions. It is the informed by data, driven by needs of the customer and created to provide continuous, holistic management of the customer’s journey. This workshop explores micromoments, personalization and how customer intelligence (data and feedback) are woven into mapping and managing the customer journey. Learn how to use customer journey maps strategically – as a core part of the ongoing management of your organization. This change of mind-set from simple journey mapping can lead to maximizing the benefits of several of the core CX competencies – understanding, gaining insights, driving change and measuring the impact of the experience.

Monday, November 12, 2018

14:00 to 16:00

Analytics, Personalization & Optimization

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