Carolina Ramirez

Digital Governance & Capacity Building Lead

Carolina has managed an array of multilingual online products for more than 15 years. Her professional experience encompasses web design, content and development, as well as digital governance and capacity building – her current role at UNICEF. Carolina knows the complexities of large digital transformation projects first-hand. She is passionate about designing global, people-focused solutions through solid governance, communities of practice and innovation.

Implementing those solutions is a challenge that Carolina finds equally daunting and exciting. She believes that institutions and brands are most successful when they fully understand the need to keep pace with information and communications technology. This is especially necessary – and difficult – in big, decentralized organizations. It also requires continuing investment as the digital world becomes more complex, and interactions with users grow ever more personalized. Carolina sees digital governance and capacity building as two of the keys to maximizing that investment and making an impact.



Case Study: The Human Factor of UNICEF’s Digital Transformation

Technology is a key component to any digital transformation, but the people factor is essential. Learn about the digital governance programe that UNICEF established at the outset of their digital transformation project. What elements are key to manage and protect a global digital presence of hundreds of sites and social media channels? How do you ensure that governance is perceived as an enabler and not as an obstacle that limits creativity?

Hint: it is not only about the rules it is about tools, knowledge and tons of communication.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

15:15 to 16:15

Leadership, Teams & Transformation

Workshop: Disruptor or the Disrupted — What Will Your Organization Be?

GE, RIM (Blackberry), Smith Corona and other large brand names have long been used as sound case studies for business schools. So how did these successful organizations not see and properly respond to digital disruptors? And will your organization respond differently when it’s time comes? This hands-on workshop explores governance as a solution to common enterprise challenges and opportunities in digital disruption (e.g., AR, chatbots, cryptocurrency, security breaches), strategic business shifts that requires digital to follow (e.g., rebranding, supply chain automation) and changes in legal/regulatory environments (e.g., GDPR, POPI).

Monday, November 12, 2018

11:00 to 13:00

Leadership, Teams & Transformation

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