Ben Shoemate

Enterprise Web Consultant, Designer and Information Architect

Ben Shoemate is an enterprise information architect and web user experience designer with extensive experience building large scale, global portals and web content management systems. He is a senior consultant at Base22 where he helps some of the world’s largest organizations leverage web technology to improve productivity, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Clients include IBM, Nissan, UPS, Northrop Grumman, CEMEX, Amex, ExxonMobile, Qwest, Taco Bell, KFC, Yum! Brands and many others. Ben has more than 15 years experience as the lead designer on large, complex global projects including from enterprise portals, social networking sites, knowledge management wikis, corporate blogs and mobile apps.

He has extensive knowledge of enterprise software development and integration best practices, adoption and governance, usability, information architecture, business case development, prototyping, design and requirement gathering, and a number of platforms and software solutions.



Lunch & Learn: A Platform for Innovation with KFC, Base22 and IBM

Base22 has been working with KFC for years developing an environment that is perfectly tailored to their organization. That platform is TeamKFC, a communication and integration platform that all KFC U.S. employees, franchisees and field and restaurant teams use daily to run restaurant operations. See a case study in world-class information architecture, usability and governance that that provides easier, faster access to the information people need to do their job since 2012. This platform, like the Colonel himself, has only gotten better with age.

Monday, November 12, 2018

13:00 to 13:45

Platforms, Stacks & Operational Success

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