Barbara Lehman

Executive Director, Digital Transformation

As the Executive Director of Digital Transformation for Comcast Cable, Barbara Lehman works on large-scale change management initiatives, proactively driving and executing digital programs, products and strategies to advance the customer experience.

Contributing at the enterprise level, she provides thought leadership and participate in change management initiatives across the organization to deliver best-in-class life cycle experiences for our customers. Having acquired expertise in e-commerce product management and personalization platforms, she believes in deep collaboration with business partners and other customer experience teams to leverage resources, share best practices and foster ongoing innovation.

As a trusted partner at Comcast, she has appreciated in the opportunity to create, build and execute the improvement of products and policies and to impact customer behaviors. While she is best known for leading innovation across the customer lifecycle and driving business engagement, she is a true advocate for instilling team accountability to achieve organizational goals. Moreover, leading the customer experience strategy and discipline, and focusing on all customers, using our digital tools and resources is how we deepen consumer engagement.



Drive Change and Digital Adoption with Your Customer Base

Change isn’t easy. How do you refine an approach for your organization to meet changing business needs, drive agility, and increase customer adoption? Learn the five key pillars to success: Digital Enablement, Technology Advancement, Organizational Agility, Adoption and Digital Shift. This session will help you gain insight on how to continue to evolve your organization and potential challenges along this journey.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

13:00 to 14:00

Leadership, Teams & Transformation

Building the Next Generation Digital Teams: Agile, High Performing and Hybrid?

A classic set of cultural, budgetary and priority conflicts have long existed between the marketing and IT departments. As the CMO has taken on more ownership of customer facing digital experiences, new forms of digital teams have emerged. This lively discussion will examine perspectives on how to design the modern digital experience team, including perspectives from The New York Times, National Bank of Canada, Comcast and Bank of America who are all undertaking significant digital and digital transformation initiatives.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

13:00 to 13:45

Leadership, Teams & Transformation

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