Workshop: AI for Business Leaders – Core Concepts & Practical Applications

Monday, November 12, 2018
14:00 to 16:00 Caribbean / Caspian


An increasing number of our personal and business interactions are impacted by artificial intelligence (AI). This recent revolution owes much to the ongoing rapid development and dissemination of a field of research called Deep Learning. Now is the right time to get a grasp of the core concepts and understand how these ideas and functionalities are changing our lives and impacting our businesses.

In this two-hour workshop, presented in partnership with the University of Chicago, you will gain an appreciation of the history and recent acceleration of AI in the industry, get a solid understanding of the core concepts and modern building blocks for AI-driven services. In small-group exercises, you will work with your peers to identify a few practical applications for AI in your workplace. Further, you will have a chance to explore some fun questions around AI such as “Is there a master algorithm?”, “Can AI build AI?” and “When will I be replaced by a robot?”

Artificial Intelligence & Data Layers


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