No AI Without IA: Information Architecture as a Critical Enabler

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
14:00 to 15:00 Adriatic / Aegean


Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting lots of attention but one key aspect is often overlooked, understated, or underestimated: the quality of “training” information and the structure of that information – the Information Architecture or “IA”. AI only works when it has the data it needs to spot trends, identify patterns and provide functionality – especially when it comes to chatbots and other so called “cognitive” technologies. While many recent high profile attempts at chatbots have failed, they are getting better and one day will be indispensable. Organizations need to do certain things to prepare for a future of bots and AI-driven processes. This session will outline what that looks like and how organizations can solve problems today while preparing themselves for a future where businesses will succeed or fail based on the power of their bots.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Layers


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