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Lisa Trager helps organizations develop and execute digital strategies for an omnichannel world. She has led enterprise initiatives for clients in the telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, consumer goods and government sectors. Lisa’s extensive experience as a Content Strategist and User Experience Designer, includes working on both the client and agency side. Her current role as Manager in Digital Operations at Verizon Wireless has enabled her to apply extensive knowledge and expertise in creating customer-centric experiences related to Service & Support. As an evangelist for creating structured, intelligent content,” Lisa sees opportunities for companies, who embrace the new role of content engineering as way of creating and publishing personalized content that can be created once and published everywhere.

Prior to working at Verizon, she spent the better part of her career in digital working as a consultant for top NY advertising agencies. She was Director of Content Strategy at Publicis N.A. where she led and introduced the practice of content strategy for various brands including Merck, Sanofi, Citibank, Cadillac, P&G and Abbott Nutrition.

Lisa graduated from The New School with an MFA in Media Studies and earned a BFA from New York University. An intrinsic story teller, she was also acknowledged by the National Endowment for the Humanities and New York Council for the Humanities for a documentary film about the artists, thinkers and writers known as the bohemians, who lived in Greenwich Village just after the turn of the 20th century. She often gives workshops and presentations on the topic of content strategy both locally in the New York Metropolitan area and at conferences.

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Removing Obstacles On and Off the Mat: Crafting Your New CX Strategy

Central to continued growth and sales in today’s omnichannel universe is the need to have a customer centric strategy. Yet, changing how backend systems and front-end experiences coordinate to achieve that objective can be a daunting task.

Based upon Lisa’s experience of leading digital transformations for Fortune 500 companies, this session will share an approach, inspired by yoga principles and use cases, for creating harmony in the often chaotic and stress-inducing process of building customer engagement opportunities across channels, platforms and devices.

In this session you will discover:

  • An easy-to-remember model for creating a CX strategy
  • Tactics you can apply for creating the experience
  • Principles (applicable both on and off the yoga mat!) to help you manage the complex CX journey ahead of you

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