Katrina Schiedemeyer

Senior Engineer, Supplier Development
Oshkosh Corporation

Katrina Schiedemeyer is an innovative Voice of Customer leader at Oshkosh Corporation where she leverages VOC and Continuous Improvement (CI) to improve the manufacturing process and customer experience. Katrina is also the founder of Eloquium, an organization focused on providing organizational support in continuous improvement and customer experience. Katrina has published research on applying continuous improvement techniques by leveraging VOC in the education system. Her work is currently used by many organizations to improve the education system and embrace lean methodologies. Katrina also serves on the Board of Directors for Mali Rising Foundation, Project Management Professionals, and the Titan Alumni Foundation where she uses her VOC research experience to improve the quality of education people around the world are receiving.



Scaling VoC Culture Across the Organization

Voice of Customer is crucial for your organization to embrace, but driving the leadership culture is not as simple as flipping a switch. In this session you will learn how to inspire your team members to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement. Learn how to accelerate a culture of VoC ownership across all team members, not just CX expert, inspire team members to document their ideas and incentivize Voice of Customer improvements.

VoC & Customer-Driven Design

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