Bootcamp Topics

Transformational Leadership for Technology Adoption: A Change Management Bootcamp

The rapid pace of change presents a constant influx of opportunities and risks to be managed through technological change. Learn and apply essential skills in change management for leadership and technology adoption to support your digital workplace initiatives:

  • Models for successful enterprise change management
  • Power, persuasion and negotiation skills to influence people
  • Tools for tracking, analyzing and applying insights to increase adoption

Build the Framework of Employee Experiences

Design your business’s employee experience with data, customization and intent to better engage your teams, increase retention and elicit greater innovation and efficiencies from your teams. This bootcamp covers the essential components to creating great employee experiences:

  • How to develop, and derive operational value from, employee personas
  • Employee journey mapping and Voice of Employee programs
  • Platforms and practices for experience analytics and optimization
  • Remote hiring, onboarding and work

Construct a CX Program Essential: Customer Personas

Businesses are rebooting; customer expectations for experience and engagement should lead the way in determining future paths for business continuity and success. Inherent in this is the need to truly understand your customers, their needs, preferences, goals, pain points and delighters. This day-long bootcamp will dig deep, with:

  • A 2020 guide to persona design
  • Applying data, analysis and insights
  • Persona integration for winning CX programs

Deliver on Experience with Customer Journey Excellence

Customers are mapping their own journeys — subconsciously, and sometimes purposefully, as they experience your brand, product and services. Creating intentional and rewarding journeys for customers at every stage of acquisition, retention and through the service of providing long-term value, requires detailed planning and regular evaluation. In this hands-on bootcamp, you will work through:

  • A process guide to customer journey mapping, from start to “after-the-map”
  • Behavioral science, personas and the way forward
  • Driving value at each stage of the customer journey

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